Alicia Navarro the first crown for Spain

Exclusive for; the story of the first Spanish crown in beauty contests. The first reference point of Canarias beauty.

There have been many Canarias misses that have conquered different national and international beauty pageants, but the first one was undoubtedly Alicia Navarro Cambronero. A stunning young woman, with spectacular curves and with an angelical smile

Everything started in 1935, when the principal casino of the island of Tenerife called for different candidates with the intention of choosing its delegate for the regional contest, her first victory started there, she represented the above mentioned entity in Miss Santa Cruz where she obtained her second crown and the right to represent the capital of the island in the miss provincial contest of Tenerife

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Official picture published in La Prensa Newspaper, where all candidates are; Alicia's picture is below on right side.

where she won her third crown, automatically she went to the autonomic contest, which in those days it was organized by the newspaper “La Prensa", the contest was on April 20th, 1935 in the Guimera Theater of the capital, with a total of seven misses among them was Alicia Navarro accompanied by the candidates representing the rest of the islands that compose the Canario archipelago, the winner was Alicia Navarro, obtaining her fourth crown in less than a month

Alicia Navarro (third from right to left) and the rest of delegates for the title Miss Canarias when they visited La Prensa Newspaper.

Not satisfied with these four contests, she went to the national contest, Miss Spain, celebrated on may 5th, 1935 at the Teatro de la zarzuela in Madrid, Spain. it was the first time that the Canarian island participated in this contest and for the first time the responsibility of choosing a winner was not in the judges, it was the theater’s audience who was going to choose the winner.

They all were surprised with the Canarian delegate, she looked dazzling with an impressive red evening gown with a clasp that was shining more than the theater lights. there was no doubt that the new Miss Spain would be her. She received a total of 503 votes, leaving behind the delegate of Cataluña and Aragón with 246 and 149 votes respectively.

The victory was for Canarias and Tenerife where her election was celebrated, giving this way a reputation to Canarian beauty and with it a new prize for her obtaining her fifth crown.

For obligations of the contest Miss Spain had to represent her country in the most important contest of the time which was Miss Europe, celebrated in Torquay, England, on July 6, 1935, during a very cold night, the Canarian beauty dazzled with the light she brought from her home country, her sixth crown, the whole achievement went to Spain since it was the first international victory.

Thanks to Alicia Navarro, the Canarian beauty is famous all over the world.
as curious note in 1935, General Franco, General Military forces in the island of Tenerife, at that time, he was known as “Miss Canaria”, due to the victories obtained by Alicia.

Time passed and Alicia did not loose her beauty, she was married twice, first with a prestigious Cuban doctor and secondly with the brother of Miss Greece that compited with her in the Miss Europe contest, she became Alicia Papadopoulos. She lived her last days in France, where she died about ten years ago, surrounded by her family and undoubtedly without loosing her beauty.

With this brief article we want to recognize the Canarian beauty and to show to the world this beautiful woman who is the pride of all Canarian People.

Alicia poses in front of milenarium drago in Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife, just days after to be named Miss Spain.


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