Miss Ivory Coast 1989, Muriel Edou Kou

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Totally out of context about official pictures of beauty queen, Miss Ivory Coast 1989, Muriel Edou Kou pose in her community having an interesting background, she is 20 years old and she has no time for getting bored because she spends her time in accounting courses, attending her duties as National beauty queen, assistance at her parents caring little brothers and her passion for music and dance.

Muriel takes seriously her responsibilities as “Miss”, thinking in this experience will change her life “when you model in the runway and feel the several watch of the judges and you are alone face to face with the public, I think in all my life but I have no changed my mind about I want to in the future, a beautiful mansion, a nice husband and many children”.

According the prestigious web site www.pageantopolis.com Miss Ivory Coast 1989, was registered in Miss World 1989 Pageant, but she never arrived.


Our thanks to Téllez (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: FEBRUARY 2005

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