The strange and improbable photos
of a beauty contest

Far from the glamour and the spectacular posses that all Misses must execute to be able to stand out in a beauty contest, hard to believe that cameras become their strong enemy, specially when they are caught in funny situations totally out of context in a beauty contest.

From left to right, Photo 1; the Miss Universe choreographer’s assistant pretends to be the new queen and walks in front of a full audience in Quito, Ecuador. During the dress rehearsal, did you think it was a gay contest? ...; Photo 2; Maju Mantilla does her first walk as Miss World while this embarrassing photo with the leg out was taken... Photo 3; Lindsy DeHollander Miss Belgium in her presentation in Miss Universe 2004, Photo 4; Miss Uruguay 1985, Andrea Beatriz Lopez Silva was so exited that she lost all her glamour....

From left to right. Photo 1; Miss Bolivia 2004, Gabriela Oviedo checks that everything is in the correct position, she does not want any accidents like the one singer Janet Jackson had in the Super bowl, Photo 2; When have you seen a Miss wearing eye glasses???, almost NEVER! Miss Finland, Mira Salo dares the image of "Miss" and uses glasses during the rehearsals in Miss Universe 2004; she doesn’t look bad, does she?

From left to right. Photo 1; just chosen Miss Germany 2005, poses with..... a few comics?, One of the sponsors is a Japanese company and as part of Miss Germany's activities is to be present at the toy fair in her country, Photo 2, A terrible photo of the beautiful Miss Venezuela 2004, Ana Karina Añez oh come on!, have we all bad photos, don’t we?, Photo 3; Miss Dominican Republic, Larimar Fiallo, Hey Larimar!! Tell us the joke.....

From left to right, Photo 1; Yun-yong Choi, Miss Korea 2004 during her presentation in Miss Universe, "I'm Miss Koreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea", Photo 2; What was the photographer thinking of when he photographed the reflect of the contestants on the floor in Miss World 2004?

But what happened here??? Who is Miss México 2004 Rosalva Luna making faces to? Or perhaps she was trying to send a kiss to someone?

ver en grande

From left to right. Photo 1; Miss Belize 2005, in the very original photo posing with her band on backwards, Have you ever seen a photo similar to this one? I don’t think so!!! Photo 2; 5 finalists in Miss World 2004, two competitors which created polemic, Miss Philippines (third from left to right.) used a semitransparent nightgown, it seemed that she did not use interior clothes because you could see her pubic hair, and Miss Dominican Republic (orange dress), seemed as if she suffered an " intestinal incident ", maybe because she was nervous?, You can judge it by pressing the photo to see her in high resolution. Photo 3; Miss Dominican Republic World 2004, Claudia Cruz and first finalist of Miss World was caught hair rolls, a not common photo for a beauty competitor, don’t you think?

What is wrong with this plane?? Is it on fire?? Or perhaps it is being disinfected?, candidates to the title of Miss International Queen of the Coffee 2005 are on board the plane, once they are down from the plane they are escorted by military men and dogs, maybe because they are dangerous?, the answer is in the photo below; absolutely all seem possessed and their look becomes strange and even diabolical. Weird, isn’t it?

Another one joining the "diabolical" group is Rosalva Luna, Miss México 2004 with her 3 feet (center with red dress)

From left to right, Photo 1; 3 competitors of the Miss Earth 2004 pose for the international press, they are Miss Japan (left), Miss Philippines (center) and Miss Russia (right) glamour at its maximum expression.... Oh babies!!! That’s why you are not in the semi-finals!!! Photo 2; "The flying ninja” Maju Mantilla, nobody would believe that this beauty is the actual Miss World, you would be surprised! Because a new heroine will fly all over your city!!, Photo 3; it seems that the Miss Universe 1999 Mpule Kwelagobe does not worry about anything, her final response in Miss Universe was approved, by the way, her final question was “ If Miss Universe would become pregnant during her reign, should she be allowed to continue with the crown?”

Pictures courtesy,,,
Pepe Medel, Sergio y Miguel Angel (México) y Wendy (Rep. Dominicana)


This anecdote is from the month: JANUARY 2005

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