The Latin Americans 1st. runner up

Miss El Salvador 1995, Maribel Arrieta

Have you thought about how many first runner up have Latin America (Spanish speaker countries only) in more than 50 years history of Miss Universe?, it is eleven.

from left to right; Miss Venezuela 1976 and 1967, Judith Castillo & Mariela Pérez Branger

The first Latin American in being first runner up is the beautiful and unforgettable Maribel Arrieta, Miss El Salvador 1955, many contestants who competed in that year had complained because Maribel didn’t win, she was beautiful outside and inside because won Miss Congeniality.
Twelve years later Venezuelan Mariela Pérez Branger was 1st. runner up, losing by a point against American contender.

In 1976, Judith Castillo whom had settled as first runner up in Miss Venezuela pageant, she has the chance to get 1st. runner up position in Miss Universe being won by Israel.

16 years passed and again a Latin girl from Colombia, Paola Turbay was first runner up in Miss Universe 1992, Colombia almost won its second Miss Universe crown with the beautiful and stunning Paula Andrea Betancourt but she had to be satisfied to a second place in Miss Universe 1993, Carolina Gómez a beautiful and smart Colombian fought ferociously to get the appraised crown, it was not enough and same as her predecessors Paola and Paula she only got a first runner up spot.

the three Colombian first runner up, from left to right. Paola Turbay (1992), Paula Andrea Betancourt (1993) & Carolina Gómez (1994)


from left to right; the three Venezuelan with first runner up title, Marena Bencomo (1997), Veruska Ramírez (1998) and Claudia Moreno (2000)

The country of beautiful women, Venezuela; almost won two Miss Universe crown in a row with Marena Bencomo in 1997 and Veruska Ramirez in 1998 who has the second highest score in swimsuite, she got a first runner up spot, although many people say she should have won, but it did not happen. In 2000 Lara Dutta won Miss Universe although Miss Venezuela Claudia Moreno did her best, Lara was unbeatable.



from left to right, Justine Pasek of Panama (2002) and Mariangel Ruiz of Venezuela (2003)

In 2002, the second contender from Central America was first runner up, she is Panama’s Justine Pasek who month later became Miss Universe because the reigning Miss Universe Oxana Fedorova was fired, the last contender from Latin America who was first runner up is coming from Venezuela, Mariangel Ruiz.
Many times the first runner up are not important as the winner but it worth give them credit because they fought (literality) and did their best for winning the crown.

Our thanks to Antonio (Chicago, USA)

This anecdote is from the month: JANUARY 2005

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