Riitta Johanna Raunio, Miss Finland 1974


Riitta Johanna Raunio, from Finland and semifinalist in Miss Universe 1974, was 2nd. runner up, and obtained the prize to Miss Photogenic, but the curious thing was that months before taking part in Miss Universe, she competed in Miss Europe and obtained exactly the same prizes, 2nd. runner up and.......... Miss Photogenic! she took part in Miss International and obtained again the position of 2nd. runner up!!

Miss International 1974 finalist, from left to right, Australia (4th. runner up), Finland (2nd. runner up), USA (winner), Great Britain (1st. runner up) and Tahiti (3rd. runner up).

It is necessary to mention that Riitta also obtained the prize Miss Elegance in the Miss Europe contest.

Finalist's picture of Miss Europe 1974, from left to right. Holland, Portugal, Spain (winner), Finland, and England

But the curiosities do not stop here; in Miss Europe 1974 where Riitta took part, the winner was Miss Spain, Maribel Lorenzo Saavedra and in Miss Universe 1974 the winner was also Miss Spain, Amparo Muñoz, but the revenge would come in Miss Europe's following edition where the winner was Miss Finland, her name was also Riitta, she was Riitta Inkeri Väisänen, and there is still more; in Miss Universe's following edition, Finland won the crown in 1975!!!

Could it be Riitta Johanna Raunio, Miss Finland 1974 the competitor with more participations in the principal beauty contests in the world and with the best positions and the major quantity of prizes of all the times?...



Some pictures sent by Ademir (Brasil) and Wacky (USA)
Text written by Lestat (Mexico)


This anecdote is from the month: JANUARY 2005

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