Irene Sáez, Miss Universe 1981

Beautiful and stunning Irene Sáez, Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe 1981, an icon and sample of beauty, intelligent, elegance and success are the words for describe at Irene Sáez, who dazzled with 19 years old, 1.77 cm tall and that elegance and majesty beauty on July 20th 1981 in the Minskoff Theater, in New York City when conquered the crown for second time for her country and just two years that Venezuela won the Miss Universe title for first time.

In 2004, Miss Venezuelans contenders did not make it into semifinalist in the most important beauty pageants as Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International, but is known that only Venezuela grabs the attention of the audience around the world in this beauty pageants, make it or not make it into semifinals Venezuela always will be the attention center.

Will be able Miss Venezuelan contestants in this year 2005 to recover the place that always have had? time has the last word …

Our thanks to Armando México (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JANUARY 2005

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