Fadil Berisha, official photographer of Miss Universe

Fadil Berisha was born in Albania and moved to New York City at 13 years old, he started working for several shops and boutiques and now he is the official photographer for Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Canada.

In pictures, Fadil in photo shoot session with some contestants of Miss Universe Pageant 2004 in Quito, Ecuador

His material has been published in magazines as Vogue, People, Mademoiselle, Elle, Seventeen and more, he has photographed also many celebrities as Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Bill Clinton, Jennifer Velas only for mentioning few.

Now, we have met the person who is back cameras of Miss Universe, the talent Mr. Berisha.

If you want to more information please, visit Fadil’s website: www.fadilberisha.com

Our thanks to Gerardo GDL (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JANUARY 2005

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