Relatives of beauty queens

Family is the most important treasure any human being can have, normally we know who wears the crown, but not those who are behind the crown holder ... those who are important for our queens are a few photos of some beauty queens relatives


Alina; (at the center with red color dress and in the photo of the right) sister of Jacqueline Bracamontes (Miss México 2001), who studied at the Colegio de la Vera-Cruz in Guadalajara, Mexico (a religious school of nuns, where Anette Michel, Luz Elena Gonzalez and Betty Monroe, famous Mexican actresses studied).

From left to right, the mother of our first Miss Universe!!! And the girl is Armi Kuusela´s little sister, Miss Universe 1952, they are both from Pohois, Finland.


From left to right.
The first photo; David Schine, is the husband of Hillevi Rombin, Miss Universe 1955 of Sweden. In fact, he was a General and a pilot. Unfortunately he died in a plane crash along with Hillevi and their oldest son.

The second photo; Marian, she is the daughter of Mariana Urrea Stettner, who represented Mexico in Miss World 1984. She was studying in Los Altos (an Opus Dei school). Maybe in a few years, she can participate in Nuestra Belleza Jalisco and win the title of Miss Mexico.

Third photo; Raul, he is the son of Maritza Sayalero, Miss Universe 1979. Raul was born in Encenada, Baja California, Mexico and later moved to Guadalajara to study


From left to right, the father of Letty Murray, Miss México 2000, this photo was in Letty's wedding when she married the son of a politician from Sinaloa. And finally Claudia Cruz, Miss Dominican Republic and First Finalist of the Miss World 2004 with her brothers, by the way her, sister is the famous reporter from ESPN, Carolina Cruz.

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