Do you know all that Mexican Miss Universe, Lupita Jones was wearing the day she was crowned?

Here we are passing the invoice to you ... (Remember that the exchange rate was very different in 1991 to now)

The night gown she chose to compete was orange; it had bead, crystal, precious stones, lentil and Austrian stone, at that time it was worth $3500 US Dollars. With the exchange rate of Mexico back then it was equivalent to 10 million 570 thousand pesos.

This night gown took 3 months in being made and it was weighed 8 kilos.

After the coronation, for the dance party in her honor, she chose a white model with flowers embroidered by hand inspired on the Yucatan Triad valued also in $3,500 dollars = 10 million 570 thousand pesos

Earrings: 80 dollars = 241,000 pesos

Shoes 50 dollars = 151,000 pesos

In the dance of coronation she wore a Bertolucci watch valued in $22,425 dollars equivalent to 68 million pesos.

Miss Universe's crown was valued in 900 dollars = 2 million 718 thousand pesos.

That night, Lupita was carrying 89 million 803 thousand 800 Mexican pesos in accessories and wardrobe.

A Mexican woman with many millions of beauty!

Special thanks to Art (Canada)

This anecdote is from the month: JANUARY 2005

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