Adalgiso Colombo, an irreverent miss

The Brazilian magazine “VEJA” published an interesting article regarding the golden 50’s in Rio de Janeiro, between many remembering, it stop a moment and makes mention at a title;

Regarding to a woman who for many people should have been the fist Miss Universe of Brazil, the beautiful Adalgisa Colombo, 1.68 mts. tall, perfect measures. She was not welcomed in beginning because her triumph as Miss Brazil was totally unexpected by beauty pageant followers, they expected Ivonne Richter wins of Distrito Capital or Sonia Campos.

from left to right; Miss Brazil, Miss Hawaii, Miss Colombia, Miss USA and Miss Poland

Adalgisa claimed to be a “Miss of Laboratory” because of her legs seemed always shining thanks Johnson oil, in Miss Universe Pageant she finished in second place behind Colombia’s Luz Maria Zuloaga.

The rumours in Brazil says, Adalgisa didn’t win Miss Universe due to she had not the “perfect body” in that age (?????????) judge by yourself …. more rumours says she didn’t win because she insolently broke the Hugh O Brien ‘s autograph in his face.

Adalgisa moved to New York where she got married with Jackson Flores but she divorced later. Almost 40 years later she was invited to join the very successfu soap opera “El Clon”.


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This anecdote is from the month: DECEMBER 2005

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