Jennifer Hosten, Miss World 1970

Begins the 70’s and its Cold War, Vietnam’s war not finalized yet, the man had conquered the Moon just 1 year before, Mexico was host for World Cup 1970, psicodelic colours were the standard fashion and the favourite clothes of the women were the skirt.

Regarding beauty pageants, Miss World 1970 contest will make history as the most controversial until that year.

Contestants of Miss World 1970 (press on the picture to see it in high resolution)

Feministic groups protested against the contest, arguing that it is denigrating for women. It is an attempt on their dignity to be considered as sexual object. The protest were in a pacific way and finalized with the explosion of a “home build bomb” in a BBC Tv station, as well as protests against the host Bob Hope, because of his political ideas and during the event in live had to be suspended in several times.

As if all scandals above mention don’t enough, the winner Jennifer Hosten of Granada would turn in the fist black woman to win an international beauty pageant in the history!! Moreover it was the fist time that Granada competed and won!!


What was the reason of this polemic contest? Simple; Miss Granada was not between the favourites not even she was considered a potential semifinalist and many attributed the triumph because the Primer Minister of this Island with 344 km2 located in the Caribbean was one of the judges and he influenced other judges for Miss Granada triumph.

One more surprise, for the first time South Africa sends two contenders, one representing white people and another one representing black people, this fact was seen as an approval to "Apartheid” out of South Africa borders.

This situation concluded in 1977, this year was the last when South Africa sent two contender because was exclude from Miss World due international pressure.


Collaboration of Alexboy777_Qro (Mexico)


This anecdote is from the month: DECEMBER 2005

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