July 15th, 1985 is an unforgettable day in the life of Deborah Carthy Deu, that great night in James l. Knight Convention Center in Miami, Florida, Deborah would turn into Puerto Rican second’s Miss Universe.

Who don’t remember that night when beauty model Teresa Sánchez reacted in a moment of confusion believing herself as the new Miss Universe when she heard Spain as first runner – up?, all happened because of language barrier, this situation confused to Puerto Rican but Bob Parker cleared all doubts.

It worth to mention that Deborah got a special award because of her evening gown which got a 9.57 score, the highest score given of the history until that time.

Deborah’s triumph was very exciting and happy by Puerto Rican people, who have waiting for 15 years to see another Miss Universe crown in the head of a Puerto Rican, as happened with Marisol Malaret in 1970. Deborah was welcomed in Puerto Rico on August 19th, 1985, and people gave her all support, since she arrived in Airport to the avenues where she passed.

Deborah’s reign is remembered by all as “the queen of the fire and water” because in that time, Miss Puerto Rico pageant is celebrated just after de local pageant, Deborah competed for Miss San Juan Title in Dupont plaza hotel & casino in ballroom, during the contest some curtains fired and the contest was delayed for few hours.

After winning Miss San Juan, Deborah competes in Miss Puerto Rico Pageant, held in San Juan Central Park, which that night had a big storm and for that reason a part of the stage collapsed, from there Deborah was know as “queen of the fire and water”.

Deborah’s reign as Miss Universe brought her so much satisfactions, she travelled around the world visiting many countries as European countries, Central and South America countries, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.

She is known for being the first Miss Universe that danced and singed in Miss Universe show when she crowned Venezuela’s Barbara Palacios in Panama, on July 21st. 1986.



Collaboration of Luis Orlando Flores (Puerto Rico) 



This anecdote is from the month: DECEMBER 2005

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