The official front pages of Miss World and Miss Mexico Program Book or souvenir program, are the official annual magazine that the beauty contest organization emits.

In the content of the above mentioned magazine appears the chronology of the events that will take place during the contest, photographs of the competitors, photographs of the previous winners, hosts and judges, it also includes information of the host city and announcements from the sponsors.


In the first editions of the official magazine, the photographs were sent from the country origin , they never arrived on time, before the magazine was pressed, not all the competitors photographs were included ,and most of the pictures taken at the moment the queen was crowned were domestic pictures..

The magazine has managed to be a collectors item, the Miss Universe contest is not the only one that emits or edits every year the magazine, Miss World, Miss Europe and Miss International have their own, also in a national level Miss USA, Miss Bahamas. Miss Mexico, Miss France, Miss Venezuela and a few other countries have their own program.

The official front pages of Miss Mexico


Our thanks to Alexboy 777 (Mexico)



This anecdote is from the month: AUGUST 2005

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