The glittering tiara: Miss World crowning moments

Everyone could feel the excitement when Julia Morley is about to announce who the Miss World will be, and for the past five years since 2000, the glitz of the tiara never missed a single moment from us.

Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra of India

"there are a lot of people i admire, but one of the most admirable people is mother Teresa
who has been so considerate, compassionate and kind."

The exact words that priyanka said that made her earn the glitzing tiara as the first Miss World of the millennium and the first time in india's Miss World history being crowned twice consecutively. Priyanka was not tall, but she has been the ultimate favourite to win the Miss World crown.

Her crowning moment?

Wonderful! she was not surprise at all, but it was obvious that she really wanted to win! holding back the tears in her eyes, Priyanka was the happiest woman on that night.

Miss World 2001, Agbani Darego of Nigeria

"Black is beautiful"

Being the first Miss World of Nigeria, Agbani Darego opened the doors to a new realm with bright days to come for future Miss Nigeria's. Bet for Miss World, Universe, Earth or International. Agbani was twice as lucky! She was a semifinalist at Miss Universe and crowned Miss World that same year! after her winning feat, pageants became more popular to Nigeria, giving hope and making other aspiring young miss Nigeria's dreams come true.

Her crowning moment?

It was sensational! it was like crowning a new queen of England. While her anthem was played on the background, Agbani couldn’t hide her happiness and she was very very happy and proud to bring honour to Nigeria!

Miss World 2002, Azra Akin of Turkey

"I hope to represent the women of the world in a good way"

Moments before the pageant, the contestants requested to include Amina Lawal to be included in their prayers together with the hope of a fast recovery to Nigeria. Who could ever forget such a colorful year that brought the MW organization in a big dilemma. but nonetheless, Azra Akin from Turkey had it all being the third Miss World of the millennium. She hopes to represent the women of the world in a good way.

Her crowning moment?

Perfect! everybody just loved Azra Akin from the moment she stepped out on stage! winning an award for her designer, she was elegant and proved that boots are for pageants too!

Miss World 2003, Rosanna Davison of Ireland

"Miss World's lady in red"

For so many times, another ultimate favourite won the Miss World title. Having a look a modern mature woman, nobody could tell that she is just only nineteen. Wearing a hot pink dress, she became instantly famous as her dad was.

Her crowning moment?

Great! winning a beach beauty award at the same time, nobody could easily take the crown away from a deserving woman.

Miss World 2004, María Julia Mantilla of Peru

"The world's first true Miss World!"

Maria Julia Mantilla of Peru made history, as being the first Miss World voted by the global audience. Maju is beautiful and she is even quoted as a "Miss World at all angles", meaning, she is the perfect woman to represent the women of the world.

Her crowning moment?

It was exciting! people were thrilled who gets to win the crown and the world had made a very good choice! Considering that her opponents were as good as her, she still is no doubt the one who's head the glittering tiara must rest.


Our thanks to Jian Maverick Lasala (Philippines)



This anecdote is from the month: AUGUST 2005

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