When disorganization reigns

Sometimes hosts and beauty queens stumble and not precisely with their garments....

The organizers or the hosts can often mist the spirit of the competitors in a beauty contest. Sometimes an impeccable contest can be misted in the last minute when the final results are mixed. And technical mistakes are always present. Let’s remember some mistakes.

In Peru during the 80´s, one of the contests had to be done with candle lights; a blackout took place during the contest.

During the Miss México contest in 1986 which took place in Tijuana. The queens had to do a musical number referring to the soccer world cup in Mexico, during the show the exiting queen, Yolanda De La Cruz came out in her enormous throne while the girls were dancing, a blackout left them in the dark and the whole number had to be repeated.

In 1987 the Miss México Universe contest took place. The Mexican queen was chosen for Miss Universe in order that the winner of the following year could have a complete year of preparation. The hostess Janet Arceo, read the names of the winners reversed, naming Cinthya Fallon as Miss Mexico City instead of Miss México Universe.

In 1988 during the Miss México contest, Raúl Velasco (the host) tripped with the Miss Aguascalientes and both fell to the floor.

1989 Acapulco. - During the naming of 12 semifinalists in Miss Mexico, Viviana Gibelli, co host, forgot to mention one of the semifinalists.

1989 Miss Nuevo Leon Contest, a problem with the electrical cables demolishes part of the stage as well as an enormous floral arrangement.

1990 Miss Colombia, a problem in the system affects the final votes, when the information is reactivated, Maribel Gutierrez, became the absolute winner surprising everybody.

1990 Miss Nuevo Leon contest, Julio Aleman started announcing final results long before the event finished. There were still 3 musical numbers ahead, the hosts got very angry and asked him to wait until the end.

1992 Puerto Vallarta. - A hurricane threat ruins the final bathing suit contest in Miss México causing a 5 hour delay in the contest. Jorge Rivero presented twice Miss Chihuahua, as Miss Coahuila Miss Nayarit tripped in the stairs almost falling down on stage.

Nuestra Belleza Mexico City 2001: Alfredo Adame mistakes the results and named the 3 finalists in reversed order.

The same thing happened in the Miss Spain contest in 2000 where the winner, Helen Lindes, was mistakenly named second runner up

Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon 2001, a much criticized contest, since there were only four competitors, and 13 judges. The contest lasted about six hours. At the end of the event the host mistakes the winner’s name Diana Garcia with other competitors, Meztli Garcia, who thought she was the winner.

Nuestra Belleza 2001, Miss Veracruz got lost. She locked herself in a hotel room which was not hers, and went to sleep on a complete day of rehearsals. She was about to be suspended.

Miss Universe 1992, after the stage interview, Miss Venezuela went back stage. The host had to ask her to come out again to receive her punctuations.

Miss Universe 2003, in the bathing suit contest, Daisy Fuentes called Miss South Africa when the following contestant was Miss Venezuela, it caused a big confusion. The Venezuelan representative did not know what to do. The choreographer Scott Grossman who was back stage, tells her to go out.


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