The background girl

She appeared more than 15 semifinalist in Miss Universe
She had more exposure than the current beauty queen
She grabbed the television exactly 15 times
A beautiful girl smiling and applauding appeared once and once again
Always smiling, always applauding once and once again
She is ……. The background girl

Miss Universe pageant 2003 had a new format for choosing the semifinalist, usually were chosen the best 10, but this time were called the best 15, one by one was called to the center of stage and on the background it was able to see a beautiful girl applauding, Mexicans say she was one of the most beautiful represents of Aztec country, the last semifinalist was called and the background girl applauded for last time, it was the last time when we could see her on “second plane” on TV, she was Marisol Gonzalez Casas, Miss Mexico.


On year later in Quito, Ecuador during the announced of 15 semifinalist the same format continued, the semifinalist went to the center of the stage before go to their place, during the catwalk to the center we were able to see the background girl 2004, she was a stunning woman, the favourite of the crow, absolutely amazing and top 5 prediction, semifinalist in Miss World 2001, beautiful face and charming eyes, she was Oleksandra Nikolayenko, Miss Ukraine.

If same format is for 2005, Who will be the Background Girl 2005?, let’s see on May …


Collaboration of Lestat (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: APRIL 2005

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