Miss Universe, it was written in her destiny

Her reign began in the middle of a scandal when Oxana Fedorova was fired as Miss Universe because she did not fulfill her duties, and this Panamanian who had been finalist turned "the most beautiful woman of the universe".

Audience fall in love at first sight with Justine Pasek, the young girl of 22 years was born in Ukraine but she is a truly Panamanian, she captive the heart of all with her supermodel look and a humility and affection that literality melt, but suddenly her life was a true eddy of incredible events that have taken it from the resignation of a dream to the euphoria to be occupying the throne of the most beautiful woman of the universe.

Justine admits that when was a girl and participated in the local contests of beauty, never thought she would go so far, ďa neighbour suggested me compete in a real beauty pageant, I competed for the first time and I won, the rest is history".

Thanks Eduardo (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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