Fabiola Pérez Rovirosa. The last Miss Mexico that went to the Miss Universe (on Carlos Guerrero Franchise). Did you know that she represented Chihuahua in the 1993 Miss Mexico contest, but she was not born in Chihuahua? Fabiola was born in the city of Monterrey Nuevo Leon. since her father is from Monterrey, a doctor of the locality; and her mother is original of Tabasco and besides she is the sister of ex-governor of the above mentioned state, Leandro Rovirosa Wade.

Her victory as Miss Mexico was precisely in Villahermosa, Tabasco, curiously. The favorites were: Chihuahua, Tamaulipas (Lilia Huesca) and Sinaloa (Leticia Arellano) Fabiola won the prize of Miss Elegance and the national crown. During her reign, she mentioned not to have received the prizes promised as Miss Mexico, irregularities that Lupita Jones had denounced publicly in 1991.

  • She represented Mexico in the Miss Universe 94, in The Philippines and she was one of the most popular queens of the local audience.
  • She won 2nd place in typical suit (Aztec Princess, which she designed) *Curiously she did not wear the winning suit in Miss Mexico's national contest, which was resembling a spectacular butterfly made of wicker (suit worn by Miss Tabasco).
  • It is said that she was prepared by Gustavo Castaneda (Lupita Jones' trainer), who gave her the nightgown which she wore the final night.
  • She did not enter the top 10 of Miss Universe, she was number 16.
  • Later she was crowned Miss Hispanidad, and curiously her predecessor Karina Calmet, from Peru had competed with her in Miss Universe, Karina was placed as number 15.
  • Later she was 2nd finalist in the Mrs. World contest in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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