A image of a contestant wearing a “charro” hat, smoking a cigar with a glare eyes; showed up in main covers in websites, she was Irma Mariana Ríos Franco from Aguascalientes State, and she represented to Mexico in Miss International Pageant 2001 in Japan.

Let me know you that franchise’s Mexico for MI is carry on by “Srita. Mexico” and not by “Nuestra Belleza Mexico” who Lupita Jones leading, whose winners go to Miss Universe and Miss World, although few years ago they attended Miss International also; 10 years ago the company “Srita. Mexico” was managed by Carlos Guerrero, whose winner goes to Miss Universe (being his most big successful Lupita Jones’ triumph), but later Lupita got Miss Universe franchise and the company “Nuestra Belleza Mexico” is funded; and now the company “Srita. Mexico” sends its winners to Miss International, Miss Earth and others internationals pageants.

The last Mexican woman who made the cut in Miss International was Letty Murray in 2000, whose came from “Nuestra Belleza Mexico” organisation.

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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