Publicity is a determinate factor in order to sell a product in this time, we have seen actors, actresses, singer, athletes and ……. Beauty queens!! They are required frequently by directors and producers, so if the director is looking for girls with nice face and body and besides that charming personality, why looking for in other place!!!!

from left to right; Mariangel Ruiz (Venezuela 03), Jaqueline Bracamontes (Mexico 01) and Bianca Sissing (Switzerland 04)

Almost all international beauty queen have filmed a tv commercial or are the official image of national or international enterprises, here some of them.

from left to right; Justine Pasek; MU 2002 (Panama), and the four Puerto Rico's Miss Universe, Marisol Malaret (MU 1970), Deborah Carthy-Deu (MU 1985), Dayanara Torres (MU 1993), Denise Quiñones (MU 2001)

In fact some of them are spokesperson of International Organisation as ONU or UNESCO and they are special guest in events about drugs or HIV.

from left to right; Erika Cruz (Mexico 02), Blanca Zumarraga (Mexico World 02), Susana Rivadeneira (Ecuador 04)

from left to right. Amelia Vega; MU 2003 (Dominican Rep.), Amelia Vega and her mother

de izq. a der y de arriba a abajo; Catherine Daza (Colombia 04), Paulina Flores (México World 00), Mariangel Ruiz (Venezuela 03), Amanda Olivares (México 88), Lupita Jones, MU 1991 (México)

Our thanks to Frank (Colombia), to mexicans guys; Mike de Vallarta, Eduardo,
Angelopolitano, Lestat and Angel Rodríguez (Puerto Rico)

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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