My anecdote about Señorita Dorian Grey Pageant

Señorita Dorian Grey, was in the 80s and the 90s a very important contest within the Señorita México pageant, it was actually a forecast for the final results of the official event. During the final stage of the swimsuit competition, they would select the girl with the most beautiful legs, and she would represent to this stocking’s brand as their marketing image, and also, had the chance to represent Mexico in an International beauty pageant. Each year, the stocking Isles of Dorian Grey in all department stores would show beautiful statues made out of cardboard of the current winners, I had the opportunity to collect them all, and here I show you some of them.

I was a student back then, and I would ask my classmates to come with me, and I would pay them so then they would cover me while I would take one of those cardboard statues; then we would go to the cashier to pay for our stuff and I would always carry, very nervously, my statue thinking that maybe any of the managers or the salespeople would take it away from me, lucky me, that never happened. I think that they always realized that I would take one of them, but since they were made of cardboard, and there were many, they couldn’t care less.

I also remember that the TV commercial that was done with Cecilia Cervera and her height was really funny; “A young couple gets into a store to get some stockings, the guy then, couldn’t stop looking at the cardboard statue, and suddenly the statue blinks to the guy and of course he gets very surprised about it and almost faints”, it was so much fun!

Our thanks to Téllez (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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