ďReal beauty comes from withinĒ

Margie Moran Floirendo (Miss Universe 1973 of Philippines)

This is a fragment of an interview in Philippinesí Magazine ďMeĒ

Surprisingly, Margie takes each day as it comes and doesnít believe in long-range planning ďI donít want to plan that long, because I donít get disappointed, knowing that I canít do it. When you go through certain stages in your life, there are people who offer you certain things for you to do. When these opportunities come, Iím sensitive in seeing if this will work out or not. So I just try and take whatever opportunities there are and if I can do it, then I do it, and thatís why Iím doing so many things!, yet I enjoy all of it. I only want to do at this point, things I enjoy doing.

Margie also believes that there is a path each one is supposed to take and it is oneís responsibility to be sensitive to Divine leading ďI think about what will make me happy at this moment and more importantly, I also try to look for Godís purpose for me in doing the task that needs to be done because clearly, itís not my purpose but His. Somehow if you pay close attention, you will know that this is the path that you should take and so you go and try it out. Later when everything falls into place, you can say, okay, this is what I was really meant to doĒ.

Thank you Mickey (Manila, Philippines)

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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