The first black misses in Miss Universe

Miss Haiti 1962 Evelyn Miot, the first black woman to become a semifinalist of Miss Universe 1962.

6 years later, Anne Marie Braafheid, Miss Curacao 1968 managed to be the first black woman in being the first finalist, was one of the big favorites for her charm, good sense of the humor, and she resembled greatly to the American “prima donna” Diane Ross. She even used the same cut and hairstyle that Diane Ross was using in back then.

She was characterized by her happiness and charm, in the night of the presentation where every representative had to greet the audience and mention their names and the country they represented, Anne Marie said " Hi to all my name is Anne Marie and I come from Curacao ", was sufficiently different and her character influenced in order to get the place she got in that contest.

In 1975 Miss Haiti, Gerthie David was the second black woman to be the first finalist in Miss Universe 1975, since then black women have been present in Miss Universe's finals, and in 1977 the first black woman was crowned Miss Universe, Janelle Commission from Trinidad and Tobago.

Our thanks to Fernando (Dominican Republic)

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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