My anecdote about Miss Mexico 1953, Ana Bertha Lepe

One month ago I was with a cousin cleaning a place that was a part of a great food and hardware store to that my grandfather started attending in 1925, at the beginning of the 40's it was his property and during the following decades until the middle of the 80's, it was the most popular shop in the center of the city.

During the process of cleaning, in order to initiate a new business in this place, I found very ancient and very curious articles, colored boxes of the 50ís, cans of facial cream of the 40's, etc. A whole trip in time, but in one of these boxes, I found one that contained a few advertising fliers from the same shop, from 1961!!, among them, of the principal stars of the time: Angelica Maria, Flor Silvestre, Lucha Villa, Luis Aguilar and Miss Mexico 1953: Ana Bertha Lepe, who was very popular back then ... 43 years have passed since then, my grandfather already died but, as always, time passes and the recollections do not die ... an authentic anecdote, isnít it?

Thank you very much to Eduardo (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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