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This edition is dedicated to all those that dared to publish their photo in this web site, my more sincere gratefulness for such a grand collaboration.

Ladies and gentlemen; here are the faces of some of the most famous participants of the forums worldwide!!!!, Enjoy the article

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The Internet has facilitated the information to us, now we obtain it in a fast and almost instantaneous form, beauty contests have not remained behind and there have proliferated many web pages and forums specializing in this topic.

Fan in EcuadorBut … who makes it possible to work? Who is the heart of all this? We, the fans!!!!, many of us we breathe calm when we know that we can express openly in the forums, since it’s out of " our world " it is often impossible that someone from the "exterior" deals our passion for beauty contests, the Miss Universe organization can say that 600 million people see the contest and Julia Morley can say that Miss World is seen by 2 trillions, but to the following day, we always ask who saw the contest? The answer is very simple … …, these contests are only seen by people who write in the voy.com forums!!, perhaps it was great news to hear of Oxana's dismissal as Miss Universe? For us it was a " bomb! ", it was the news of the century!!, but outside …. The news dedicated a few seconds to the note.Director of Miss Etiopia, Gio, Harrison and Stephen

The Forums are the whole phenomenon on Internet, we are a great community that this growing and taking force and power, though everything happens in the world of Internet, little by little the big companies are realizing the importance of the fans, this year Miss Universe Inc. realized a singular qualified contest " be your judge " where the winner, would be a special guest to Miss Universe 2004 in Quito, Ecuador, many of us wanted to take part in the contest, but it was only for United States citizens.(that was a pity!).

Astron (Philippines) We, the fans put our heart when we write in the forums, who does not remember Astron (The Philippines) and his spectacular statement of the opening in Miss Beauty Olympic, organized by Global Beauties? Or to Pasquale (Italy - United States) and his article on My Miss Universe is dead? and creator of the private forum The Pageant Coffee simply fantastic.

William Prendiz de Jurado

There exist many fans really famous and wanted in all OUR WORLD OF CONTESTS, just to mention some; Marjukka (Finland), Pageants Fan’s muse HQ, William Prendiz de Jurado (United States) and his magnificent contributions of historical photos!, Michael from Germany (Germany), personal friend of Natasha Borguer, semi-finalist in Miss Universe 2002, Jean Belgium (Belgium), who always is looking for beauty girls for the pageant Miss Belgium, we do not know them but always we read their contributions, some others are; Mal Parker (United States), SanFranGuy (United States), Antonio (El verdadero) (Mexico) and GuywithSense (India).


Michael from Germany (Germany)   Jean Belgium (Belgium)  Sanfranguy (USA)

Antonio (el verdadero) Mexico

Miss Jin (Puerto Rico), RYE (Mexico), Lucifer (Panama-USA) characterized by his disrespect, Alexandros (Canada) and creator of the site The Pageant Era, Peter Fonalledas (Puerto Rico), Hector Rinaldi (Mexico), Eduardo (Mexico) and creator of some of the brilliant banners of the Miss Mexico Everywhere Forum, Aaron (Singapore), Gerardo GDL (Mexico) and creator of the site Miss Mexico Pageant, Mickeydcph (Philippines), AndrewDR and his unconditional support to Miss Dominican Republic. Creatto who is the Miss Mexico EverywhereMiss Jin (Puerto Rico) creator, more of them are Gerardo Mty, Gerardo Tamps, Art, Bubsy, american - mexican Alvaro Favela Jr. who always support unconditionality to new Miss Mexico, and more.

Also the web pages have proliferated some of them initiated as a small web page and now they are monsters, such is the case of Global Beauties.com created by Henrique Fontes (Brazil) and Ed Domínguez (Panama), Roberto Macedo's Miss News (Brazil) and pages as original as Gio's Miss Doll (Colombia), besides presenting the dolls sent by the directors of every country, it gathers money for the patients of VIH, Turn for the judges is another page where the famous forists Harrison (Venezuela) and Steve Macanu (United States), take part in. We have excellent pages from Asia , as Beauland, experts in "video - photo" Thaimiss.com, Missosology.org created by Pawee (Philippines) newly graduate from the Psychology career, her thesis will be bring over of the impact of beauty contests in The Philippines.

Aaron (Singapur)  Peter Fonalledas (Puerto Rico)  Mal Parker (USA)  Mickeydcph (Philippines)


Pepe Medel (Mexico)

pages as interesting as Miss Universe Critic of Robert Delfin, who recently announced his retirement, Julio Rodríguez 's Venezuelan Beauty, History of Pepe Medel's Beauty, whose page in just a few months has turned into one of the favorites, Miss Universe of Beauties is another brilliant page created by Mexican Víctor Lopez and how could we forget Jimmy Stelee and his fantastic page, jimmyspageantpage.com, the whole banquet of information!!!

Friends, unintentionally we have turned into a GREAT COMMUNITY, and a media used by several ex misses, the national directors and even miss universes that thank us for our support, or report an event. We have seen Emma Bella’s messages participant of Miss Teen USA and webmaster of Global Beauties, Denise Quiñones in the forum of Puerto Rico, Magali Flebles, Director of Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Dominican Republic, Lupita Jones in Miss Mexico Everywhere forum

Many of them wanted to put a face to the character in the forums, behind the messages typed in the forum, exist wonderful human beings with ideas, dreams, commitments, united by a PASSION, Beauty contests.

Pawee (Philippines)  Steve (USA) and Harrison (Venezuela) Alvaro Favela Jr. (Mexico-USA)

Our thanks to William Prendiz de Jurado, Michael from Germany, SanFranGuy, Antonio (el verdadero),
Jean Belgium, Pepe Medel, Mal Parker, Miss Jin, Peter Fonalledas, RYE, Gio, Steve Macanu,
Aaron, Harrison, Mickeydcph, Pawee, Astron and Alvaro Favela Jr.

This anecdote is from the month: OCTOBER 2004

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