Peru's Madeline Hartog Bel Houghton, Miss World 1967

Madelaine was semifinalist in Miss Universe 1966 in Miami, United States, after that, Miss Peru organization took decision enroll her in Miss World pageant because of her spectacular beauty and for the happiness of Peruvian people she won Miss World crown 1967, she didnít expect it and almost vanished she received the crown.

She travelled to Vietnam and some politics didnít see that act in a good way, she travel world wide showing her class and beauty, she was named ďa chic girlĒ because of her fashion style and own style hairdo, which made a revolution in that age (it was used long hair).

Nowadays she lives in Pearl Harbour Island in Miami, she is semi-retired of public life, she keeps her beauty and class and she is one of the most prides in Peru.

Our thanks to Carlos Lagos Romero (Peru)

This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2004

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