In 1995, Madhu Sapre (from India and 2nd runner-up in Miss Universe 1992) and former boyfriend Milind Soman created a storm of controversy when they appeared naked in a poster campaign for Tuff, a sports shoes brand.

In a photoshoot conducted in a Panvel farmhouse, the pair posed naked apart from their shoes, hugging one another and wrapped with an adult python.

The Social Service Branch of the Mumbai police registered a case against them in August 1995, kicking off a heated debate about public morals and the limits of censorship. Nine years later, the case still hasnít been resolved.

In an interview that Madhu had given about a year ago, she said When she and Milind first signed up to pose for the photo, it was not supposed to look like this. The picture was supposed to have "shadows", and only the outline of their bodies was supposed to be seen. However, after it was shot, when the photo were shown to them, it was quite explicit and not 'shadowy' as was promised to them. Madhu and Milind were furious and threatened to sue 'Tuff' shoes if that picture was used in their ad campaign. But before that could happen the picture was leaked, and caused a huge flurry.
This picture was ultimately never used by 'Tuff' for its ad campaign, but was still widely published.

Our thanks to Sujay Prabhu (Mumbai, India)

This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2004

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