Tuesday On July 22, 1986, in Panama City, a thin woman of 1.74 meters tall, and a very hypnotizing look began to walk on the stage while Miss Venezuela was announced during the Nations Parade

And then, thousands of people in the Atlapa Convention Center and millions across the television, admired her princess gestures, her curly chestnut-colored, shiny "long hair”, her flirting look, the dimples that were formed in her cheeks while she smiled, her feminine chic, her Brooke Shields look alike, but exotic, that shouted Latin all over.

Everything in her was beautiful and both the audience and the judges were conquered. And nobody noticed that her national costume was not so pretty and not even national, and it did not reflect the beauty of her country, nevertheless, almost 20 years away, we realize undoubtedly that the Venezuelan beauty was in her, and not in the garment.

Our thanks to Eduardo (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2004

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