Affectionate hugs

Being far from their families, friends, environment, in order to attend a beauty contest, an atmosphere of melancholy is created and often they search a friend in whom to count, and normally they always find her, I mean, one of the contest competitors.

Here are the "most "lovable" photos of the contests.

From left to right, photo 1, Barbara Palacios from Venezuela (MU 1986) is congratulated by Christy Fichtner from the USA in Miss Universe 1986, photo 2, Cecilia Bolocco of Chile (MU 1987) and Miss Italy Roberta Capua hug themselves emotionally just after knowing who the new Miss Universe 1987 was, photo 3, Lupita Jones of Mexico (MU 1987) hugged effusively by a fan.

From left to right. MU 1990, Mona Grudt from Norway reacts and is kissed by Carole Anne Marie Gist, Miss USA, after choosing her as Miss Universe, Miss Estonia 1996 Helen Mahmastol is photographed by a fan in Las Vegas during the celebration of Miss Universe 1996 in Las Vegas.

From left to right, photo 1; an effusive Miss Guana almost made the newly elected Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam fall because of a hug, while Brook Lee observes with panic that crowning will be a total screw up in Miss Universe 1998 transmitted live to the whole world (lucky nothing happened), photo 2; two competitors of Miss Chile are caught in an affectionate hug, photo 3; "congratulations" was probably what Alicia Machado from Venezuela said to her (MU 1996) while kissing to the winner Brook Lee from USA, but we all were witnesses of the dissatisfaction that Alicia showed on having to crown her in Miss Universe 1997.

In these three photos there are represented 6 of the most important people in the world (for them), from left to right, photo 1 symbolizes the power of the family; Denise Quiñones from Puerto Rico is congratulated by her father, photo 2 symbolizes the political power; Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana is congratulated by Nelson Mandela, photo 3 symbolizes the power of the masses, (the fans), Brook Lee from USA is congratulated by a fan.

From left to right, photo 1; Maritza Sayalero from Venezuela (MU 1979) is kissed affectionately, photo 2; with a very strong hug, Claudia Moreno (left) congratulates newly elected Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta from India, photo 3; the most emotive reaction in history was led By Miss Colombia Carolina Gomez (right) and Sushmita Sen from India after knowing the Miss Universe final result in 1994.

From left to right, photo 1; Mpule Kwelagobe is affectionately congratulated by her companion after being named Miss Universe 1999, photo 2; Miss USA Shandi Finnessey (left) and Miss Australia Jennifer Hawkins thrilled, hold hands waiting for the judges decision in Miss Universe 2004, photo 3, Miss Israel Dorith Jellinek is hugged from behind by Miss South Africa Margaret Gardiner in Acapulco, Mexico during Miss Universe 1978.

Miss South Africa Tisha Snyman and the first finalist of Miss Universe 1984, walk holding hands with her friend Miss Namibia Peta Harley Peters in the streets of Miami during the celebration of the contest Miss Universe.

Aaaahhhhhh..... So much love!!

This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2004

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