With Latin flavor

from left to right Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and Chayanne

Undoubtedly, Latin culture is fashionable in the whole planet, Spanish is one of the most important languages worldwide.
Corrinne Crewe, Miss Zimbabwe 2000 in bathing suit in MU in Cyprus, Elvis Crespo on background
Music is a clear example of it, and the Miss Universe Organization is aware of that, it is not strange to see in countries so remote as Cyprus Latin singers who take the happiness and the flavor of Latin music to the million homes that tune the Miss Universe Contest. Let’s take a glimpse at some Miss Universe contests where Latin singers have participated:

Gul Panag Miss India 1999 during evening competition in Miss Universe, on background Julio Iglesias Jr.
To begin with pleasing moments, who does not remember Silvia Salgado in Miss Universe 1999, where the evening gown show was in charge of Julio Iglesias Jr. even though his voice is not of the most privileged, there he was, giving a Latin touch to the night.

In Miss Universe 2000, Elvis Crespo and his classic topic "suavemente", sung in "spanglish" surely made everyone dance.

The Latin bomb, Ricky Martin, in his best moment, and singing at home his greatest hits. Chayanne undoubtedly another Latin idol, and with his classic hit “Torero” ( bullfighter) stood everyone up from their seats at the Figali Convention Center in Panama City.

To finish, one of the maximum icons of the Latin music, Gloria Estefan, even and with all the audio problems she had, proved to the whole world that being Latin, is fashionable!

In collaboration with Angelopolitano (Mexico) ...thank you!!

This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2004

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