"The sweetest of the pleasures, the most violent of the pains, that is love...

Love is the machine which create and keeps life reason, big palaces as Taj Majal in India was created by love and novels as Romeo and Juliet of William Shakespeare was also created by love, people say that love is the road to happiness

In this edition, We try to gather those pictures where love was captured in a picture with a beauty queen.

from left to right, Angela Visser, MU 1989 (Holland) and former boyfriend, after him, Angela had a relation ship with actor's Spencer Rochfort, who participated in TV shows as "Beverly Hills, 90210", "Baywatch" etc, Martha Vasconsellos MU 1968 (Brazil) and her boyfriend whom got married almost immediately after crown at her successor.

from left to right, Charlene Gonzales from The Philippines, and finalist in Miss Universe 1994 with her husband Aga Mulach, whom married to Aga Mulach in 2001, Aga Mulach was involved as well with Miss Universe 1993, Dayanara Torres, Jennifer Hawkins, MU 2004 (Australia) and her boyfriend Jake Wall now a model (before a carpenter) and Cecilia Bolocco, MU 1987 (Chile) and her current husband the ex president of Argentina Carlos Menem, they got married in May 2001, they have a baby now

from left to right, Sushmita Sen, MU 1994 (India) with her dear brother in a religious ceremony on October 1st, 2002 and Georgina Rizk, MU 1971 (Lebanon) with her son Ali Salameh on June 12th, 2004 in his wedding, Halle Berry of USA and semifinalist in Miss World 1986 with her husband the musician Eric Benet.

from left to right, Lupita Jones, MU 1991 (Mexico) and her boyfriend, Brook Lee, MU 1997 (USA) and her fiance Sean Lee

Maritza Sayalero, MU 1979 (Venezuela) and her husband the Mexican Tennis player Raúl Ramírez

from left to right, Christiane Martell, MU 1953 (France) and her husband, the President of Veracruz, Mexico, Mr. Miguel Alemán Velasco, Gladys Zender, MU 1957 (Peru) and her still husband Enrique Meier, they got a son, which is a famous and talent actor in Latin America, Christian Meier.

Love can conquer everything, let's let it in !!!

Our thanks to Lestat (Mexico), Mickey (The Philippines) and Carlos Lagos Romero (Peru)
Georgina's son picture courtesy of Gettyimages.com

This anecdote is from the month: NOVEMBER 2004

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