Miss Universe Pageant 1994, an spectacular top 6, where the homegirl Charlene Gonzales was between the finalist, fulfilling with pride one of the most beautiful countries of Asia, Philippines.

This was the edition with the highest score in evening gowns, and the tallest contestant of all times, and unforgettable top 3 and the first Indian woman to be crowned Miss Universe.

From left to right, Carolina Gómez, Silvia Lakatosova, Charlene Gonzales, Sushmita Sen, Minorka Mercado and Lu Parker

From left to right, Areeya Chumsai, Viveka Babajee, Carolina Gómez, Charlene Gonzales, Alexandra Ochoa, Silvia Lakatosova, Christalene Kahatjipara, Szilvia Forian, Valéria Melo and Valérie Claisse

Our thanks to Mickey (Philippines)

This anecdote is from the month: MAY 2004

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