Proudly from Sonora,
Elsa Benítez is one of the most successful latin women!!!!!
by Jesús Rábago Cruizze

I remember that the first time I saw her was in the contest " The Model of the Year ". I remember that in this contest there were 2 Elsas, Elsa Benítez since then had to use her complete name. I remember that she was not my favourite and I was surprised when Ms. Ford chose her as the winner, no wonder Ms.Ford has the most important model agency worldwide.
Back then, Martha Cristiana (Miss Puebla 85), Natalia Esperón and Maria Luisa Perez Mitre (Miss Baja California 92) participated. Luisa abdicated to enter this contest where she was left out , later she participated Our Beauty BC 94 and again was left out.

Later Elsa took part in a models contest worldwide. Elsa was one of the 14 semifinalists. In this occasion the winner was Canada.

But since then Elsa has given much to talk about and nowadays is one of our prides.

Complementary Information:

  • Before taking part in the model of the year Elsa won in the nineties her first contest, " Model of the Cortes sea".
  • In 1996 her debut was in the magazine Vogue with an orange bathing suit. The beauty of the Mexican woman has been admired in publications as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Vogue Italy, where she has appeared in the front page.
  • Elsa Benítez has conquered audiences worldwide. She had several contracts to film a movie which she refused to reveal, since she assures that she is preparing herself to give the great jump to the big screen, though already in 1994 she took part in a French television production “Requins a La Havane” (Requins to The Havane).
  • An anecdote from the proper In 1996, Elsa was about to board a flight that exploded in the air. "she was going to board flight 800 TWA, Boeing 747, to Paris that exploted soon after taking off JFK's airport in July, 1996. " I left the airport because I has a bad feeling. I began to cry and could not stop. I called to my husband and told him: ' I feel that something is going to happen'. He said that I should wait 10 minutes and if I still had the same feeling, that I should change my flight. Then I noticed that "Life is a gift ", indicated Elsa Benítez.
  • This anecdote is from the month: MARCH 2004


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