Because the first finalist also is important,
Miss Mexico Everywhere Forum and el anecdotario is proud in introduce
to the first runner up in the first Miss Universe pageant,
held in Long Beach, California, USA, in 1952
She is Elza Kananionapua Edsman!!!!

She was the Hawaii's delegate, when Hawaii was not part of USA, 46 years ago. "it was just a beauty pageant that was beginning” she said, no money, no sponsors, everyone bought the clothes, everyone made up and combed, nobody taught us how to walk, everything was very natural"

During years she never told to her descendors that she was the Miss Universe's first runner up. She threw the trophy because she thought: will it have some utility? Her sister got angry for that reason. Fortunately, she still keeps her photo album and her yellow swimming suit that she wore.

This anecdote is from the month: MARCH 2004

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