From the spectacular amphitheatre Herod Atticus in Athens,
Miss Universe 1973!!

Almost 40 days of the inauguration of the Olympic games in Athens, Greece, we present the official program for Miss Universe 1973, which took place in Athens!!, where Kerry Anne Wells of Australia appears in front page. Curiously in this 2004; Australia is the reigning Miss universe and Athens returns to be a protagonist of a world event!!

Kerry Anne Wells, won the crown in Puerto Rico (it was the first time that Miss Universe was held outside of The United States) but unfortunately she was not crowned by Georgina Risk of Lebanon, the Miss Universe who was delivering the crown, she was crowned by Marisol Malaret Miss Universe 1970, the reason was that in during the holly week of 1972 a some tourists from Puerto Rico were murdered in the middle east by Lebanese, since Miss Universe 1972 was held in Puerto Rico and the outgoing queen was from Lebanon, the Lebanese government prohibited Georgina to attend Miss Universe.

Our thanks to Eduardo (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2004

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