Anke Van Dermeersch, one of the most beautiful and the tallest competitor that Belgium has sent.

Which do you believe is the ideal man?
" The one that follows me in my mad ideas "
This was the response to the final question in Miss Belgium 1991 where Anke won.

After her successful participation in Miss Universe 1992, where she was a finalist, Anke took part in a models contest for television in her country where surprisingly she was eliminated in the first round!!, a forgotten girl named Sofie Dewinter won the contest.

Anke refused more than once to participate in "show business" nevertheless she auditioned as an announcer, but her diction was very poor, nobody wanted to hire her …

Then she went to law school, already in duties she was sanctioned more than once for using short miniskirts (probably because her legs are too long!!). She got married and I took care of her sick husband in his last days, he died a few years ago.

She continued with her political career, entered the liberal party where she demanded a placement, she did not obtain it, so she entered the extremist party "Vlaams Blok".

Curious note:
Some years later it, she returned to Bangkok and lodged at the same hotel as in Miss Universe 1992, one of the personnel who was working there from the contest recognized her!!

Our thanks to Jeanbelgium and Greg (Belgium) –Thank you so much guys!!-


This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2004

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