Parents of beauty queens

They are the proud parents of the most beautiful women in the world. the title holders of "Miss Universe" and "Miss "World". From left to right; Amelia Vega of Dominican Republic (Miss Universe 2003) and her father, Aishwarya Rai of India (Miss World 1994) and her father.

The charismatic girls have family, sometimes they ask their parents to read them a bed time story, or to take them to the park, or to buy them another vanilla ice cream .
From left to right; Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico (Miss Universe 1993) and her father, Jennifer Hawkins parents from Australia (Miss Universe 2004), Rossana Davison of Ireland (Miss World 2003) and her father Chris de Burg.

If before they were proud of their daughters, now with a world title they must be more!.
From left to right; Justine Pasek of Panama (Miss Universe designated 2002) and her father, parents of Oxana Fedorova of Russia (Miss Universe 2002) as a baby, Lupita Jones of Mexico (Miss Universe 1991) and her father.

Denise Qui˝ones of Puerto Rico, Miss Universe 2001 and her father.
They gave pride to the whole country and they have become immortal . Doesn┤t matter was old they get, they will always be "Daddy┤s little girls".

Happy Father┤s Day!!

Thank you Lestat (Mexico) and PGSG (Puerto Rico)

This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2004

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