Nightmare in a contest

Undoubtedly, Miriam Quimbao, Miss Philipines 1999 and the first finalist in Miss Universe 1999, led one of the most famous falls in a contest, but thanks to her temper and attitude, she confronted the situation and the judges granted her excellent qualifications that took her to the TOP 10 that year.

Curiously one year before in Miss World at Seychelles, Miss Ghana Efia Owusuaa Marfo, rolled spectacularly from the stairs during her presentation, people world wide watched her fall. In some countries the contest was deferred and this part was omitted by Julia Morley´s request and to make this humiliation small on Ghana; months before in Hawaii Francisca Baafour Awuah pushed Veruska Ramirez and to newly elected Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam while trying to congratulate her!!, A year after, Ghana "cleaned" its name and had its first finalist in the history of Miss Universe, beautiful Akuba Cudjoe.

This year (2004) Colombia had a candidate with one of the best catwalks in Miss Universe, but we can´t say the same about Margarita María Victoria Ocampo Gómez in 1965 ..., she fell down gracefully from the stairs and nonetheless she was Top 15 in Miami, 34 years later in Panama, almost the same thing happened to Miss France Emmanuelle Chossat, this occurred during the dress rehearsal opened to the audience hours before the final contest during Miss Universe 2003.

Thank you very much to Lestat (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JUNE 2004

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