It was in Nicosia, Cyprus, during the Miss Universe 2000 contest, we were sat near a Hindu group that turned out to be the brother, and parents of Lara Dutta, the brother a very nice person, he asked us to give him a Mexican horn, the ones used for scandal, some hours later Lara won and we congratulate them.

At night we went to an elegant party I believe that it was in the Hilton hotel, fine drinks were served, a delicious buffet , there was a big variety of food.

Then all the delegates and people from the Miss Universe's organization. I took out my camera and took photos, then I noticed that Lara Dutta and her family were sitting in a near table, I greeted her mom and Lara noticed, she was turning around to see me at all times. Then, very kindly, she agreed to take a photo; only that I could not approach her very much because of the bodyguards that were protecting her.

The night passed, we danced to music of diverse countries, they even played music of Thalía, Chayane and Marc Anthony, we had a lot of fun and we gathered with people of many countries. The misses were very nice especially the girl who won Miss Congeniality, (Miss Aruba, Tamara Scaroni), shiny radiant Lara with the victory in her hand and with a great satisfaction of pride in the face.

Thank you very much to Rubén Artemio (México)

This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2004

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