Only two countries have been lucky to win the most prestigious beauty title
Worldwide its first participation...***

In 1958 Colombia sent its first delegate. A beautiful young woman by the name of Luz Marina, with a beauty as refreshing as her predecessor Gladys Zender. Luz Marina managed to turn into the second Miss Universe for Latin America and the first one for Colombia.

She tells that during her reign as Miss Universe big misadventures happened, among them, an unfortunate change of look that condemned her to use a hair wig during her reign. When she was crowned, Luz Marina received one of the best prizes in the history of the contest, she won a big house, tax free.

41 years later, a beautiful black young woman was competing for the title of Miss Universe 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. Her happy and relaxed attitude crowned her one of the most beautiful women in the universe and gave to her remote country, Botswana, its first international beauty crown. To Mpule Kwelagobe, as well as Michelle Mclean, we recognize their tireless work as good will ambassadors in their countries, obtaining funds for the most unprotected.

Definitively, nobody can forget the expression on her face when the winner was announced, since she perfectly knew it would be a double victory.

***Note: Finlandís Armi Kuusela was the very first winner of Miss Universe 1952 Beauty Pageant (in its first edition), nevertheless this article is about the winners in its first participation and AFTER the first edition of Miss Universe Pageant.

Our thanks to Juan Carlos from Mexicali (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2004

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