Ruth Ocumarez was Miss Dominican Republic 2002, when she first arrived to Puerto Rico, Host country of the Miss Universe pageant in 2002, she was named as one of the huge favourites by the International press and Pageants fans around the world. Everyone considered Ruth a sure shot for the semifinalist. Ruth was characterized by her explosive energy, beauty, and dark color, since she was the "first" Black woman representing the Dominican Republic. She was then called, "The Goddess of Ebano"

Even though Ruth had an excellent participation and performance from her arrival to Puerto Rico, Ruth could not make it to the top 10 during the final night, producing surprising reactions around the world in all the different Internet forums, as the time passed, a group of fans, created a singular award called

“Ruth Ocumarez Award”

This award is now delivered to the delegate that is considered a sure semifinalist to any major pageant by most so called "Missiologists" and fails to make the cut.

Some delegates that deserve this award are:

Miss Spain World 2002; Lola Alcocer
became the absolute favourite to win the title, unfortunately she only could be the first runner up. This beauty of 6' high green eyes and dark hair was one of the huge favorites for the Miss World 2002, but she couldn’t be among the semifinalists.
According to the cyber fans, the reason why she didn’t make the cut was because she was part of the candidates that refused to travel to Nigeria supporting the boycott that some Miss World delegates held that year. When the event was finally re-located to London Lola, as well as many other delegates, decided to re-join the contest. (To see Agbani Darego, MW’01)

Miss Venezuela International 2002, Cynthia Lander
Cynthia arrived to Japan with the achievement of a fifth place on Miss Universe 2002, and also the second place in Miss Mesoamerica 2002. This 6´tall with blue eyes beauty had one of the best bodies of the contest, and carried the sash of Venezuela also.
But Nor her figure, nor her eyes, nor her sash, were enough to convince the Japanese judges to include her among the finalists.

Miss Eslovaquia International 2003, Simona Slobodnikova
Simona won the Webmaster's choice award in Miss International 2003, she was in every favourite’s list due to her almost-perfect-face and her great height, 1.76. Also, the Japanese media highlighted that Simona had the best legs of the competition.
But in the final night, she couldn’t make it into the top 12 surprising everybody, even she declared she was surprised not being able to make the first cut.

Miss Spain 2003, Eva Gonzales
Eva became a huge favourite for the Miss Universe title 2003 after the fashion show with the local designers from Panama due to Her beauty and extremely well performance on the catwalk.
Even though her participation in the preliminary competition was not that strong, everyone expected Eva at least make the top 15, which didn’t happen.

Miss South Africa World 2003, Cindy Nell
Cindy was the second runner up in the Miss Universe pageant 2003 and everyone expected that could do even better in Miss World 2003 since she had the beauty, the Intelligence and the experience to win.
but she couldn’t even place among the top 20, which most missiologists and fans found fishy.

Miss Ukraine 2004, Oleksandra Nikolayenko
One of the many former Miss World delegates that competed in the Miss Universe 2004. The big favourite by almost everybody.
She is 1.78 mts. tall, light green eyes and the best face by far of the competition, qualities that were enough to place her as semifinalist in Miss world.
But in Miss Universe all we could appreciate from this outstanding beauty was her smiley face in the background as the girls in the Top 15 were announced during the opening. She obviously didn’t make it.

Thank you RYE (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2004

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