Time has changed ...


looking back, we realize that technology change day by day, and for proof it, just see Lupita Jones using that horrible telephone that we used someday also, not few years ago, very uncomfortable because our fingers got stuck in it, nevertheless we used it a lot and we thought was wonderful, nowadays with the high cellular technology we recognize at human being as a fantastic innovators with capacity for to set new challenges, it is a shame that capacity does not used in a positive way sometimes.

Actually is almost impossible does not use cellular technology and Rosalva Luna (Miss Mexico 2004) with this beautiful picture proof about that, today is basic to use one. Precisely that picture remind us great moments given to Mexicans because she made proud them because of her excellent performance in Quito, Ecuador, during Miss Universe 2004 Pageant.

Our thanks to Angelopolitano (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2004

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