"Beauty belongs to the whole world, It does not have racial or geographical barriers"

The news crossed the whole world, On July 17, 1977, Janelle Commissiong a young woman of Trinidad and Tobago became the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, after 26 years of the contest.

The achievements of other black misses like Evelyn Miot (Miss Haiti 1962 and the first black woman in entering the semi-finals); Anne-Marie Braafheid (Miss Curaçao and the first princess in 1968); and Gerthie David (Miss Haiti and the first princess 1975) seemed to inspire Janelle.

When she won, she said that she hoped her victory would help erase racism in the world, " Beauty belongs to the whole world, it does not have racial or geographical barriers ". When she gave the crown one year later in Acapulco Mexico, the live would have her big surprise ... she crowned to Margaret Gardiner a white girl of South Africa, a country known as the most racist laws in the world and where black people were abused worse than animals, a lesson destiny?... judge you.

Janelle was the third Miss Universe to win Miss Photogenic. Nowadays Janelle has a Boat construction company** in the Caribbean and is still beautiful.

Did you know that Janelle Commissiong´s mother is from Venezuela?

** Boat Construction Company was sold just few days ago.

Thank you very much to Fernando (Dominican Republic)

This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2004

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