Picture taken in the month of April of 1990, in it you see the representatives of Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela, nobody imagined that Miss Mexico, Marile Santiago, 20 years old and standing at 1.67 tall would out-shine the big favourite, Miss Venezuela, Andreina Goetz, 21 years old and 1.76 tall.

Miss Mexico, was one of the most applauded during the final night of Miss Universe 1990, the representative of Colombia, Lizeth Mahecha, 18 years old and 1.75 tall made it to the top 3, but she lost points on her final answer and felt behind Miss USA, Carole Gist, 20 years old and 1.80 tall, the first woman of African-American descent to represent the United States in Miss Universe; and the winner of the night, Miss Norway, Mona Grudt, 19 years old and 1.70 tall, a redheaded girl with green eyes, was chosen Miss Universe 1990.

In Miss Universe 1990 for the first time a representative from the ex-USSR participated in the pageant wearing the sash of Miss Soviet Union, she was 18 years old and was born on the same date as the blond representative of Israel, who was born in Latvia, but lived in Israel since she was a little girl; that year Brazil did not participate.

Our thanks to Armando Mexico (Chiapas, Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: JULY 2004

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