3 highest score in Miss Universe Pageant

from left to right Carolina Gómez (Miss Colombia 1994), Lara Dutta (Miss India 2000), Oxana Fedorova (Miss Russia 2002)

Carolina Gómez, Lara Dutta and Oxana Fedorova are 3 of the most beautiful, smart and charismatic contestants have participated in Miss Universe Pageant.

They were big favourites for the title, Lara of India and Oxana of Russia won the crown, Carolina of Colombia didn’t got luck because she got a 1st. runner-up spot.

Have you questioned what they have in common? They got the highest score known by audience in the story of Miss Universe in evening gown, interview and bathing suit competition.

Beautiful Carolina Gómez got 9.897 score in that beautiful gown in evening gown competition in 1994 in Manila, Philippines.

Lara Dutta gave a smart and articulate answer and got an almost perfect 10 in interview competition, she got 9.95 in Nicosia, Cyprus in Miss Universe 2000, it was the last year that score was shown in public.

The best score in swim suit competition had Venezuela’s Veruska Ramirez in 1998, with a 9.85, but Oxana Fedorova broken the record with 9.88 score.

When come back that times in candidate's score was shown?

Our thanks to Antonio (USA)

This anecdote is from the month: DECEMBER 2004

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