Cecilia Bolocco, Miss Universe 1987


Cecilia Bolocco in her first years

Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck was born on May 19, 1965 in Santiago of Chile, a civil engineering student, enters the Miss Chile contest and wins on April 20, 1987, in addition, she obtains the title of miss photogenic given by the graphical reporters who covered the contest.

At the end of April she participates in the ¨Miss South America” contest in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, in May she travels to Singapore to take part in Miss Universe and wins the title, becoming the first and only Chilean in winning this contest.

The contest organization established her stay in Los Angeles Ca, during her reign.

In August, she made her first visit to Chile as Miss Universe, the government of Chile grants her the award of “Heroes of the Conception " as one of 79 most emphasized youngsters of the year, Bolocco visited 22 countries during her reign, she finished on May 21, 1988 in Taipei. After that, she was hired by the national television of Chile to co-host the program " Porque hoy es sabado ", along with of the most important entertainers of the Chilean television, Cesar Antonio Santis.

This is how she initiates her career in the mass media, co-hosting the most popular television program in Chile, " Martes 13 ", in 1990 she makes her debut as a CNN anchorwoman in the North American chain in Spanish, in 1991 she makes her debut in the Latin chain telemundo with the program " La Buena vida " that was describing the way of life of rich and famous, she also took part in the program of journalistic cut “Ocurrio asi” of the same chain.

In 1992, she had her own talk show ¨Esta noche con Cecilia Bolocco” making her very popular in the Latin television of The United States, she did important interviews to, Anthony Quinn, Gloria Estefan, Jose Luis Rodríguez, Paloma Picasso, Maria Conchita Alonso, etc. In 1993 she co- hosts the Miss Universe contest, which took place in Mexico City, the following year she worked in a Mexican soap opera, "Morelia" which was very successful and was exhibited in more than 70 countries, she has been the hostess of the International singing Festival Viña del Mar, Chile.

Cecilia Bolocco and her son Máximo Saúl

Once established in Chile, she hosted many TV programs, all with great success, where she demonstrated her endowments as interviewer, singer, dancer, actress and once again she interviewed top big personalities, also she did a radio program " Esta tarde con Cecilia Bolocco " where she occupied the first place of tuning in that schedule.

Entering the year 2000, rumors of Bolocco's relation with the ex-president of Argentina Carlos Menem were heard. In May, 2001 they were married surrounded by thousands of critiques. Time after their first son was born Máximo Saúl, Cecilia is dedicates100 % of her time to the baby, whereas Menem prepared his political campaign to the presidency of Argentina.



“Winning the Miss Universe contest was a fabulous experience, because you travel the world and learn very much of you. But at the same time it could be tremendously dangerous, because overnight you become a famous and tremendously known person, the number one, without having done anything for being a number one, It´ s like if the whole world was at your feet, and still you do not know why"

- Cecilia Bolocco, CBS Telenoticias, May, 1997-


Our thanks to Sergio Hernández Alcayaga (Chile)

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