Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Miss World Canada 2003

Nazanin Afshin-Jam was a local Model and graduate of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Iran this Persian beauty moved to Canada at a young age. She had participated in numerous pageants like the Miss Universe Canada were she ended up as 3rd runner up. Her life changed when she was crowned Miss World Canada 2003 in Toronto on October 22nd, 2003.
She had only limited amount of time to prepare, 3 weeks to be exact. But no one knew she was going to make such a splash in China. When she arrived in Sanya, China at the Miss World 2003 pageant she was a local press favorite people around the world were including her in their lists of favorites. She was a unique beauty, one who stood out from the rest of the crowd.

She went on to win the “Miss Sport” title at Miss World granting her a pass into the Miss World semifinals (the first time a Canadian has done so in 14 years). On the final night was when she truly shinned! Not only was she the smashing hit of the night, and that she was in the top 20. She went on to the top 5 against Misses Philippines, India, China and her roommate Miss Ireland.

Nazanin was heartfelt in her final interview the best of the 5. When the time came Canada was ready to hear that she had won the crown, but alas it was not her fate. She was crowned 1st runner up to her friend and roommate Miss Ireland.

Lots of people around the world think that she deserved the crown, and so did many of the girls at the pageant. Nazanin was quoted right after show saying, “I am so happy. I am so honored to represent my country. I hope they will be proud of me. Rosanna will make a wonderful Miss World, she is so popular and such a great girl”.

But her success didn’t end there. After becoming the runner up at Miss World, the spotlight turned to her in Canada. She was in numerous interviews on National news shows, and was a guest on many talk shows.

As the Miss World 2004 starts lets take a look back at this amazing beauty…Canada’s number one Queen!

Our thanks to Alexandros LeRose (Canada)

This anecdote is from the month: DECEMBER 2004

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