Amelia Vega Polanco, Dominican Republic's Miss Universe 2003

A candidate from Dominican Republic very tall, very young and with hungry of triumph was the big favourite for the National pageant , days later she reach the Dominican Republic’s crown, her pictures quickly were published in the forums, making many comments, after all she was World wide famous Ruth Ocumarez’s successor.

Rumours about she was training by Miss Venezuela National Director, Mr. Osmel Souza paid attention to the “beauty pageant specialists” and step by step and then faster than electricity velocity Miss Dominican Republic was favorite unquestionable for the crown of Miss Universe 2003 to be celebrated in Panama, the date arrived and Amelia quickly became in a real contender, the press and fans adored her, her first world-wide exhibition went when won the National Custome Award, later she standout in fashion show.

Amelia Vega won the Miss Universe 2003 beauty pageant and begun the interviews, the appearance in soap operas, the covers in prestigious magazines, catwalks to benefit of some noble cause and the trips everywhere, it were in one of those trips; to exotic Thailand, where Amelia was immortalized in this perfect photography, in where reflects, beauty, serenity, elegance, glamour and total control, a true Miss Universe.

This anecdote is from the month: DECEMBER 2004

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