Unforeseen of Miss Venezuela

There are many unforeseen in contests , but if it happens to a Venezuelan at the time she is news … even the most successful country of the world in beauty contests can suffer a reverse.

It was Miss Venezuela 1980, when one of the semifinalists, her high heel broke while she was doing her night gown presentation and fell, she was July Fernandez, 4th Finalist.

In the Miss World contest, Tatiana Capote Abdel led the major scandal offered to a Venezuelan. During one of the preliminary tests, we don´t know if accidental or with premeditation, one of the clampers was untied from the top part of her bathing suit. Meanwhile, photographers were enjoying choosing her better angle.

The organizer of the contest Eric Morley was trying to fix the bathing suit. Tatiana was disqualified.

Who doesn´t remember Mery de los Rios?

The censorship applied by television has lost efficiency towards Internet. If you doubt it, then you can ask Mery de los Rios, candidate of the Guárico state in the edition of the Miss Venezuela 2001. During the press presentation at the Hotel Tamanaco the girl wanted to conquer the journalists, and as a matter of fact she achieved it . She showed her physical qualities in a tiny bathing suit, showing more of the allowed by Osmel Sousa.

Miss Guárico untied, without any intention, the strips that were holding her swimsuit. The suit did not manage to fall completely, but part of her intimacy was shared by the presents in the room. A crafty gesture, hands in the pubis and march in setback were the following steps of the miss. The small show, gained miss Guárico 2001 a big applause and some flowers when she returned to the stage.
The cameras of a Tv show which Albany Lozada hosts for Venevisión recorded what happened, but it was never presented. Nevertheless, censorship was useless. The net of nets took charge spreading rapidly the image around the planet.

Thank you Benny from Caracas, Venezuela

This anecdote is from the month: AUGUST 2004

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