The Miss Venezuela that the angels were waiting for

Maye Brandt's death is undoubtedly the saddest event, since it was never understood why she took the decision to commit suicide.

Maria Xavier the melancholy suicide.

Three months suffering constant nervous depressions took Maye Brandt, the Ex-Miss Venezuela 1980 that put end to her life on Saturday October 2, 1982, shooting her head with a Baretta gun that the Metropolitan Police had given her.

Maria Xavier - her real name - was confronting serious nervous problems for approximately three months before, motivated, principally, by disagreements with her husband. Alone and sad the beautiful exqueen was feeling so bad that at the moment of her death she weigh 41 Kilos. This situation was reducing her desire to live, and was probably very desperate when she took the tragic decision at the age of 21. The funeral where her remains were watched, was full of people, it was a manifestation of sorrow, many people wanted to see the body closely.

Several misses were seen very upset, Irene Saenz(Miss Universe 1981), Pilin León (Miss World 1981), Desirée Rolando (Miss Venezuela 1973), Maritza Pineda (Miss Venezuela 1975), Miriam Quintana (2da. Finalist 1981-Miss International Venezuela-) and Neyla Moronta (Miss Venezuela 1974), among others.
The coffin is taken out of the funeral in the middle of a persons' agglomeration that were blocking the way of those who were carrying it.

Actor Jean Carlo Simancas - Rafael Briceño, his real name - in an attitude of rejection to the press, gave order not to allow the entry of journalists and photographers to the funeral. Photographers were prohibited to take photos. There was a moment in which the police had to interfere to calm people down.
The boycott to the press was total. According to spokesmen very tied to the Brandt family, journalists were responsable of Maye's death.

The Metropolitan Police did a last honouring to Maye Brandt. A double cord was formed by agents for ten minutes, to do the corresponding honours since Maye was named godmother of this institution, and several times she managed to carry the police uniform in parades and other public activities.

Maye Brandt looked for her great friend, Irene Sáez-Miss Universe 1981-in search of help to the great quantity of nervous and conjugal problems that they were afflicting her. As it was known, Maye had telephoned minutes before her death, but Irene could not attend her because she had several engagements to attend. A source revealed that beautiful Irene had said to her that she would be with her when she finished all her obligations.

During the funeral Irene (Miss Universe 1981) was very upset and sad. Her only comment was that she was sincerely sorry about it.

In the last weeks of her life, Maye Brandt was desperate trying to solve her problems. She confessed to her friends that she wanted to move away from her husband and relatives. She spoke to one of her friends, Lisbeth Fernandez (3rd. Finalist Miss Venezuela 1980) about the possibility of traveling to Los Angeles where Lisbeth lives.

Jean Carlo y Maye were married. Immediate longing was to move away from so many conflicts that were affecting her, more when Jean Carlo Simancas and Maye's union was a real disaster. The actor, apparently, was not allowing his wife to go out with friends, to put on make up, and was keeping her aside from the artistic environment. Maye said once that she could not live without Jean Carlo, since she didn´t have any support from her relatives. She was feeling completely alone and Jean Carlo was not understanding Maye in many aspects. The couple from the same moment in which they were married, had serious disagreements which carried her to a fatal conclusion.

May Maye Brant rest in peace, Miss Venezuela 1980

Thank you Benny (Caracas, Venezuela)

This anecdote is from the month: AUGUST 2004

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